2008 BMW K1200S Power Commander PC III fit and setup – an owner emails

By 23rd September 2013 BMW, Owner's Words, Power Commander

Bill Westway brought his BMW K1200S in for a PC III fit and setup. Here are his initial thoughts…


Dear Jill (if I’ve remembered correctly!) and Mark,


I just thought I’d send you an email update on my black K1200S that you fitted a PC III to.


Firstly thank you very much for the warm and laid back welcome considering I was a little late (half my fault / half weather). No doubt Mark could see how fast I rode up the motorway through the sneaky telemetry he has access to!


I’ve literally only been able to ride the bike up and down the motorway and back into London after seeing you guys.


Without shadow of a doubt the bike is much improved. The nature of the power delivery / curve feels much improved and smoother.


On departing Peterborough and heading north up the A1 I hit some bad traffic due to an accident. This gave me a great opportunity to test how smoothly the bike could run filtering in between the queuing lines of traffic. The difference was like night and day compared to when I had to do similar filtering on the bike in its then OEM guise. Please give Mark a Rich Tea to dunk in his tea for that one 😀


I need to ride the bike more in town to get an overall feel and I’m not getting much chance at the moment. The bike isn’t feeling a 100% here from the limited town riding I’ve done but I’ll have to see. I have noticed a few times a slight pop that I didn’t used to get but like I said, more riding needed.


One strange thing that occurred on my way home was when I fired the bike up from hot at some services on the A1, was that when the engine caught after turning it over the revs swung right up and back down as if I’d just blipped the throttle? I’m not sure if that was a one off so will have to see. I’ll be in touch in a month or so with a better update.


One question: Do I need to warn BMW away from anything when I get my bike serviced in 3 weeks time? I don’t want them mucking up any of Mark’s hard work.


Many thanks,



Bill's Beemer, now with extra added Power Commander...

Bill’s Beemer, now with extra added Power Commander…