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Paul Butcher’s GSX-R1000K5 Jedi race car

By 19th September 2011Bike Engined Cars

Paul Butcher’s Suzuki GSX-R1000K5-engined Jedi racing car passed through our workshop recently. We’ve long been building a large number of the big Suzuki K5 mills for drivers that race in the Jedi series, and have amassed a deal of experience with the problems of running high-output bike engines in a four wheeled chassis.

Paul’s engine has been suffering with heat problems, showing a high temperature on the gauge. We’ve explored many avenues with this particular motor and it’s running the same radiators and hoses as everyone else, so just to make sure swapped the cylinder head just in case.

It’s not slow though – last time out he and it finished in second place… behind the car that won, which we also tune!

The GSX-R engine fitted in this Jedi runs hot, but it's fast!