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Yamaha MT-10 ECU remap to get A, B and Standard modes working as they should!

0 Comments Posted March 28th, 2018 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

Yamaha’s MT-10 is proving a very popular bike for us to ECU remap, and we’ve had a lot of the SPs and standard versions through our workshop door. They’re emissioned-up to the eyeballs – especially the later ones – and first thing we have to do is go in and switch all the interference off. […]

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Yamaha MT-10 ECU remap – they’re not easy, but we’ve cracked ‘em. And the result transforms the feel of the bike…

2 Comments Posted June 23rd, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

We think that people out there think the MT-10 is just like the R1. In many ways it is but having worked on both a lot we can see some differences in the engine’s mapping… Now our customers who own them are complaining of an on/off throttle feel in traffic at normal speeds, with the […]

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2016 Yamaha MT-10 ECU remap – an owner emails his thoughts…

0 Comments Posted June 16th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

Mark is an MT-10 owner (with a de-catted pipe and Akra’ silencer) and man of few words… But the words he emailed us are music to our collective ears! There’s a lot we can do to the MT-10 to make it the bike Yamaha wanted to produce, but couldn’t, for legislative reasons. All we need […]

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