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BMW S1000XR Power Commander PC5 fit and Dyno setup – whatever you do don’t bother with a full system…

0 Comments Posted September 21st, 2016 in BMW, Power Commander.

If you own one of these and are fitting anything other than an exhaust end-can you are completely wasting your money. Full systems may save a bit of weight, but they won’t do much else. You certainly won’t end up with any more power… And this is the trait of the EURO 4 spec motorcycle. […]

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BMW S1000XR – its second visit to get the Power Commander dialled in to the Arrow exhaust

1 Comment Posted July 15th, 2016 in BMW, Power Commander.

A story within a story here; most of these 2016 Euro-4 spec bikes like this BMW tend to carry a huge canister of an exhaust tucked underneath. This allows the manufacturer an awful lot of scope for siting catalytic converters, crucially though without a lot of restrictions. And here’s the point – we fitted a […]

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2016 BMW S1000XR Power Commander fit and setup – a good engine made better!

Posted May 16th, 2016 in BMW, Power Commander.

Now this Beemer maybe (slightly) odd-looking but it’s great to ride. As with a lot of these things you take a big, powerful engine, adjust the cam timing to move the power down the range, dial in a little less compression and suddenly you have a lovely, flexible motor. Which is actually very useful on the […]

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