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BMW 2010 S1000RR de-cat pipe!

0 Comments Posted October 21st, 2016 in Bikes, BMW.

The owner of this 2010 S1000RR had already bought his Akrapovic silencer and did not want to go to the expense of a full system. Well after a search on the internet, we managed to find a de-cat pipe that was suitable for this model and that would fit with the silencer. We had to […]

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BMW S1000RR ECU remap after fitment of Austin Racing full exhaust system

0 Comments Posted August 19th, 2016 in Bikes, BMW, News, ECU Remap.

Now we cringe a little when we see a bike fitted with an Austin Racing exhaust system… In the past we’ve found them to be more about style than substance. They run a large diameter and are very open, which makes for a hollow rumble of an exhaust note. But, to be fair, they do […]

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