Suzuki GSX-R1000L7 ECU remap – with a full system 185bhp to just shy of 200bhp and all restrictions dealt with!

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We’ve run both models of new GSX-R now – the standard and the R – and they share a giant EURO4 exhaust end-can, which is horrendously restrictive. Obviously on looks alone they’re headed for the skip but this is also a good thing because it is holding the engine back.

We’ve just ECU remapped a bike with a full Arrow system and the power difference is massive; from 185bhp stock to near 200bhp… YOWZAHS! Now we all like more power but if you’re tempted to bung a can or system on without a remap you’ll soon find out how much the fuelling needs changing. But also the EURO4 emissions controls need dealing with, as the engine is heavily managed.

It’s got a lovely bottom end, and midrange too thanks to the variable valve timing and the delivery is smooth and linear – beautiful. It’s just stifled at the top. But not by the time it’s been through our workshop and on our Dyno.

Suzuki's new toy about to find some extra horses...

Suzuki’s new toy about to find some extra horses…

That can's gotta go!

That can’s gotta go!

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