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2012 Kawasaki Z750R: Power Commander PC V fit and setup to suit Stage 2 air filter lid

0 Comments Posted February 14th, 2018 in ECU Remap, Kawasaki.

We couldn’t ECU remap this Z750R – which is always our first choice – so had to fit a PC V to sort the fuelling out. Truthfully, we were a bit disappointed because without access to the ECU we can’t deal with any restrictions as part of the job; with a Power Commander everything is […]

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Yamaha MT-10 ECU remap to get A, B and Standard modes working as they should!

0 Comments Posted February 12th, 2018 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

Yamaha’s MT-10 is proving a very popular bike for us to ECU remap, and we’ve had a lot of the SPs and standard versions through our workshop door. They’re emissioned-up to the eyeballs – especially the later ones – and first thing we have to do is go in and switch all the interference off. […]

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Suzuki GSX-R1000K5-K8 complete BSD Engineering heavy duty gearbox for engines used in cars

0 Comments Posted February 9th, 2018 in BSD Engineering, Heavy duty gearbox, Suzuki.

The reason we started to develop a gearbox specifically for GSX-R engines used in car chassis is that the choices – close ratio or standard – were obviously tailored to motorcycles. And because we got involved, quite early on, tuning GSX-R lumps for car use (track or road fun) it soon became obvious that the […]

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It’s not just sports bikes that benefit from an ECU remap or Power Commander – cruisers and Triumph twins can see huge gains

Posted February 2nd, 2018 in ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander, Triumph.

Percentage-wise the improvements that can be made to bikes like the Honda VT750 Shadow are much greater than those you see out of a sports bike. Why? Because generally these customs are properly bunged up by the manufacturer to get them through noise and emissions testing… So uncork ’em –  let the engine breathe freely – and […]

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KTM 990SM ECU remap to tidy up two years of jerky low-speed running

0 Comments Posted January 22nd, 2018 in Uncategorized.

These KTMs have been a stalwart of ours for the last few years – we’ve ECU remapped nearly 500 V-twins! And maybe 300 of those were SMTs. Most we can sort properly, but the odd one is a horror show; KTM’s later mapping is better, but the early ones weren’t good. We also find that […]

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2008 Suzuki B-King ECU remap – unleash the beast!

0 Comments Posted January 15th, 2018 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

The B-King really responds well to an ECU remap, and we can sort out the restrictions in the ignition maps through the gears without having to resort to any plug-in gadgets. Obviously we also switch off all the emissions interference while we’re at it… There’s also a horrible restriction in the secondary butterflies in the […]

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BSD Engineering Ducati 1098/1198 triple clamps to reduce fork offset and tidy up the steering on corner exit

0 Comments Posted January 8th, 2018 in BSD Engineering, Ducati.

These rather fetchingly manufactured BSD Engineering triple clamps hark back to our days racing Ducati’s 1098. We did quite a lot of engine and chassis development back then, and produced these to reduce the fork offset. An innate problem with the bike is running wide out of corners and reducing the offset (and thus trail) tidies […]

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Kawasaki ZZR1400 – ECU remapped when brand new, back for a tweak now it’s done some miles…

0 Comments Posted January 4th, 2018 in ECU Remap, Kawasaki.

A lovely couple own this ZZR… as we’ve said before engines change with miles. When we ECU remap a brand new bike – as this one was, with 600 miles on the clock – then we have to dial in more fuel because it’s tight, and working harder against itself than it will be once […]

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BSD Engineering RD500LC water pump gear – Yamaha don’t make ‘em any more in Japan, but we do here in Peterborough!

0 Comments Posted December 26th, 2017 in BSD Engineering, Water pump gear.

RD500LCs are something special – and now very rare. Spares support from Yamaha is patchy and – while it’s a small piece – the water pump gear is a vital part of the engine, and mostly unobtainable. Which is why BSD Engineering produce them. This is reverse engineering or, re-manaufacturing of an existing part. So we […]

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Suzuki GSX-S1000 ECU remap – even stock bikes are transformed!

4 Comments Posted December 22nd, 2017 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

The GSX-S saga trundles on! As we all know this bike uses the GSX-R1000K7 engine (which started with the K5) but Suzuki have made a lot of changes to it for naked duty. And it’s simply not the same engine any more; even with all the restrictions removed via an ECU remap it won’t make […]

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