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Yamaha MT-09 Tracer ECU remap – a horrible mess as standard and properly transformed!

0 Comments Posted July 19th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

We rode this Tracer in standard form and it was horrible. It’s got major issues and you can feel every time the lambda chimes in or out leaning out the mixture, and on a constant throttle when the ECO light comes on snatchiness follows instantly. It’s a great engine hamstrung by its power delivery, and […]

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Suzuki GSX-S1000S ECU remap – stock it’s not good. Add an end-can and it gets worse… **With owner’s thoughts**

0 Comments Posted July 17th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

The Suzuki GSX-S1000S should be a great bike as it’s powered by an engine we love, but to be honest stock they’re absolutely sh**e, with huge problems… The moment the standard (heavy) under slung exhaust box/can is removed the engine’s hunting and coughing and spluttering gets much worse. Officially, the bike hasn’t a problem. Unofficially Suzuki […]

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Triumph Rocket III ECU remap – it’s a cult bike now!

0 Comments Posted July 12th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Triumph.

Rocket IIIs are coming thick and fast! It seems they’re getting a bit of a cult following – maybe it’s because they’re not going to be around much longer, or perhaps (more likely) it’s because they are a beast. In more than one sense of the word – the Rocket engine is beefy and the […]

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So why ECU remap a bike that should be perfect out of the box? Because they often aren’t, and it’s not the manufacturer’s fault…

2 Comments Posted July 7th, 2017 in ECU Remap.

So why should you have to spend money remapping your bike’s ECU – shouldn’t it be perfect straight out of the dealer? Er, well no. It could be – and some are – but generally a manufacturer builds an engine, V-twin, triple, four with all the power and torque you could ever want and then […]


Ducati 848 Streetfighter ECU remap to smooth out aggressive throttle response

0 Comments Posted July 3rd, 2017 in Ducati, ECU Remap.

We’re getting a lot of Ducatis coming through for ECU remapping recently. The 848 Streetfighter seems to be fairly variable; some, not all can feel very aggressive on the throttle and it’s that reseponse that owners really don’t like. We start the remap process by switching off all the emission controls, and the lambda, and […]

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Own a new R1 or R1M? Got fault codes or want to sort a quick shifter, autoblipper or simply the power delivery? Talk to us about an ECU remap…

0 Comments Posted June 26th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

Now then – new R1s and R1Ms. It seems a lot of owners are mistakenly sending off their ECUs for ‘flashing’, or going to poorly equipped Dyno centres to get their bikes sorted (and they do need some of that!) only to discover that the thing is suddenly riddled with fault codes. These are complex […]

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Yamaha MT-10 ECU remap – they’re not easy, but we’ve cracked ‘em. And the result transforms the feel of the bike…

0 Comments Posted June 23rd, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

We think that people out there think the MT-10 is just like the R1. In many ways it is but having worked on both a lot we can see some differences in the engine’s mapping… Now our customers who own them are complaining of an on/off throttle feel in traffic at normal speeds, with the […]

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Ducati 1200 Multistrada ECU remap to get rid of snatchy throttle response and make it more off-road friendly

0 Comments Posted June 21st, 2017 in Ducati, ECU Remap.

This twin-spark Multistrada came in for an ECU remap and its owner wasn’t fussed about having it back immediately – good job really because the bike needed a service and its belts sorting… So we did the service first, no problems there. We also replaced the chain and sprockets because they’d done 12,000 miles (and […]

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2016 Yamaha MT-10 ECU remap – an owner emails his thoughts…

0 Comments Posted June 16th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

Mark is an MT-10 owner (with a de-catted pipe and Akra’ silencer) and man of few words… But the words he emailed us are music to our collective ears! There’s a lot we can do to the MT-10 to make it the bike Yamaha wanted to produce, but couldn’t, for legislative reasons. All we need […]

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Moto Guzzi 1100 California ECU remap – an owner emails his thoughts

0 Comments Posted May 29th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Moto Guzzi.

Big V-twins suffer most from emissions interference, a byproduct of having two large pistons slugging away instead of four. They’re generally strangled on fuel, so an ECU remap can really open ’em up. Guzzi Cali’ owner Mark brought his bike in for the treatment and was kind enough to email his thoughts after a few miles. […]

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