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Moto Guzzi 1100 California ECU remap – an owner emails his thoughts

0 Comments Posted May 29th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Moto Guzzi.

Big V-twins suffer most from emissions interference, a byproduct of having two large pistons slugging away instead of four. They’re generally strangled on fuel, so an ECU remap can really open ’em up. Guzzi Cali’ owner Mark brought his bike in for the treatment and was kind enough to email his thoughts after a few miles. […]

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Jedi Racing GSX-R1000 engines – we’re developing a new high-flow oil pump and gear ratio, plus taking a good look at oil cooling…

0 Comments Posted May 22nd, 2017 in Jedi Racing cars, Suzuki.

The Jedi racing season has recently started. Because we look after so many engines for the drivers taking part, during the winter we did a lot of development work, mainly looking at cooling systems and the problem of oil starvation around the GSX-R1000 crankshaft. If we’re honest, the jury’s still out on where we’re at. […]

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Moto Guzzi 1200 Griso ECU remap – like bolting on a set of carburettors!

0 Comments Posted May 10th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Moto Guzzi.

We’ve done a few of these Grisos now, done our homework and have got a really good angle on what makes ‘em tick. Like any modern big twin they’re strangled to death with emission controls, and the effect of all the interference is magnified compared to a four cylinder. And it’s slow speed running – […]

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2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA ECU remap – 98 to 112bhp with a solid top-end power delivery

0 Comments Posted May 5th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

The GSX1250FA arrives a very restricted motorcycle – it’s a one market model so its power is managed down to suit the lowest regional restrictions and left at that. Having said all that (and much like the old 1200 Bandit) when its engine is unleashed via the ECU and an end-can there’s a genuine extra […]

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Yamaha R1 ECU remap – an owner emails his thoughts…

0 Comments Posted May 3rd, 2017 in ECU Remap, Yamaha.

There are a lot of new R1s and R1Ms around here these days, and the email from Mark – who rode from King’s Lynn to get his ECU remapped, explains why. Cheers mate! Name   Mark Grzeb     Subject   Support Your Comments   Hi guys, Just to let you know that the ride […]

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Yamaha XJR1300 (in Sweden) with BSD-mapped Power Commander PC V – the owner emails his thoughts…

0 Comments Posted April 28th, 2017 in Power Commander, Yamaha.

Gill ordered Mattias (who lives in Sweden) a Power Commander PCV for his Yamaha XJR1300 – we dialled a sweet fuelling map into it, popped it in the post and left it to him! He’s been kind enough to drop us an email with his thoughts and a couple of pics of his tasty XJR… Cheers […]

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Suzuki GSX-R1000L7 ECU remap – with a full system 185bhp to just shy of 200bhp and all restrictions dealt with!

1 Comment Posted April 21st, 2017 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

We’ve run both models of new GSX-R now – the standard and the R – and they share a giant EURO4 exhaust end-can, which is horrendously restrictive. Obviously on looks alone they’re headed for the skip but this is also a good thing because it is holding the engine back. We’ve just ECU remapped a bike […]

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Suzuki GSX-R1000L7 ECU remap – we know how to unleash the beast…

2 Comments Posted April 17th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

We’ve been spending a lot of quality time on our Dyno with Suzuki’s new GSX-R1000L7. And every run we do we learn a little more about how to get the best out of this new engine via an ECU remap. With any new machine we like to take our time and build out maps we […]

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2014 Kawasaki ZZR1400 ECU remap – ridden to Peterborough all the way from Scotland!

0 Comments Posted April 12th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Kawasaki.

We do like the ZZR1400. And we’ve ECU remapped a lot of ‘em. The really good thing about the ZZR is it starts out phenomenal out of the box – so you may well ask why bother? Until, that is you ride a stocker back to back with one we’ve worked on. The engine becomes this […]

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Suzuki GSX-S1000S ECU remap – stock it’s not good. Add an end-can and it gets worse… **With owner’s thoughts**

1 Comment Posted April 10th, 2017 in ECU Remap, Suzuki.

The Suzuki GSX-S1000S should be a great bike as it’s powered by an engine we love, but to be honest stock they’re absolutely sh**e, with huge problems… The moment the standard (heavy) under slung exhaust box/can is removed the engine’s hunting and coughing and spluttering gets much worse. Officially, the bike hasn’t a problem. Unofficially Suzuki […]

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