Honda Africa Twin carb sort out – it may be old, but it’s still good! (now, anyway)

0 Comments Posted October 14th, 2016 in Carburettors, Honda.

This Twinkie came in because it wasn’t running very well. Time had taken its toll and like many older bikes, its carburettors were knackered and needed a complete overhaul.

We fitted new float needles and needle seats, plus gaskets. Problems like this bike had happen over time – as the throttle is shut on the brakes fuel basically pours into the bores; when the throttle is open the engine can’t work properly as it’s drowning! So you get progressively rougher running at idle and in traffic, and poorer fuel consumption.

And to be fair to the ol’ gurl after a bit of fettling with the carbs she ran like a dream…

She's a good ol' gurl, etc, especially now her carbs are sorted...

She’s a good ol’ gurl, etc, especially now her carbs are sorted…

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