KTM 990SM ECU remap to tidy up two years of jerky low-speed running

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These KTMs have been a stalwart of ours for the last few years – we’ve ECU remapped nearly 500 V-twins! And maybe 300 of those were SMTs. Most we can sort properly, but the odd one is a horror show; KTM’s later mapping is better, but the early ones weren’t good. We also find that […]

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Everyone here at BSD, would like to wish all our customers and suppliers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you to all for your business and support during 2016 and we hope to see you all again in 2017.  

KTM Adventure ECU remap; improved throttle response and low rpm power delivery

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We’re still seeing a lot of 990 Adventures and this KTM and owner rode all the way up from Herefordshire for an ECU remap. Generally, they come to us to match fuelling to end-cans and/or sort out the awful on/off snatchy low-rpm throttle response built-in to these engines. But we always listen to what the […]

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Ducati 1098 Streetfighter post-winter sort out; new belts and an Ohlins fork service. Better safe than sorry!

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It’d been stood all winter and the owner of this 1098 Streetfighter was unsure when it had had new belts, if at all. Rather than ride it here he trailered it to Peterborough for us to go over. First job then, was new belts – sorted, followed by new oil and a fresh filter. Next […]


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On behalf of all the staff here at BSD, we would like to wish all our customers and suppliers, a very Happy Christmas  and a very prosperous New Year. Thank you for your custom and for keeping both sides of our business really busy this year and we hope to see you all in 2014.

Honda VF750C Magna looking good!

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This 1997 Honda VF750C Magna was booked in by it’s owner, after fitting a set of Vance & Hines exhausts and K&N filter because it was lacking power at low revs, especially between 3-4000 rpm in the lower gears.  The bike was run on the dyno to see how the fuelling was, things were not good, […]

BSD Summer Update

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Well the sun is finally shining and we are as busy as ever here at BSD. Variety as they say” is the spice of life” and we certainly see that in our workshop but the main thing we have noticed recently, is the amount of older motorcycles we have coming through. Older model Blades, SP1s,GSXRs […]

KTM 990 SMT full ECU remap

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With all of these KTM ECU remaps we make a point of riding the bike as it comes in, and when it goes out; it’s the only way to assess the engine before and after as you can’t always feel issues or improvements on the Dyno. First job after the initial test ride is to […]

February Update

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Here at BSD, we are gearing up for the riding season to begin again, and looking forward to seeing all our customers old and new. We have found that the way people are using their bikes, has changed over the last couple of years. Customers are keeping their bikes for longer, so more miles on the clock, which […]