Honda SP2 Power Commander PC III dyno setup – an owner writes

Posted October 2nd, 2013 in Honda, Owner's Words, Power Commander.

Now we don’t get many hand-written notes around here, but SP2 owner Paul took the time to scribble his thoughts down after we set up his Power Commander PC III for him. Fair play mate, and thanks! Dear Gill, Mark, Andy and the lady whose name I forget (that’s Zena) Thanks for sorting out my […]

Honda SP2 Power Commander PC III Dyno and setup

Posted June 7th, 2013 in ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander, Rare Groove.

Lovely job. It was nice to see an SP2 through our doors, and good to work on one. The owner had bought a secondhand PC III off ebay and fitted it himself, so it just needed setting up. It had no real map of any note in it; we asked him what he wanted out […]

Honda VT750 Shadow Power Commander PC V fit and Dyno set-up

Posted May 13th, 2013 in ECU Remap, Honda.

The lady who owns this Honda VT750 Shadow brought it in to us because for a long time she’d been telling her husband that the bike didn’t feel right (it had been fitted with straight-through open pipes). And she was right. We strapped it onto the Dyno to see what was what and it was […]

2011 Honda CBR1000RR PC V dual map switch setup

Posted April 29th, 2013 in ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander.

Daniel bought his Repsol FireBlade (these really need fuelling to suit an aftermarket can) in for some work on his Power Commander PC V, and was kind enough to drop us an email after he’d had a chance to play… Hi,
 I would just like to say a massive thanks to Mark and the rest […]

Nice clean example of a low mileage VTR1000 but this can cause problems!

Posted April 17th, 2013 in Honda.

  We were contacted by the owner who explained his bike had not been used for a while, just been stood in his garage with fuel in the tank (not a great idea with today’s unleaded petrol) and it did not seem to be running right. First things first to get the carbs working correctly by […]

Honda Blackbird carb balance and Dyno check

Posted January 30th, 2013 in Honda, On the Dyno.

In for a checkover on the Dyno and an MOT this tidy Honda Blackbird just needed its carbs balancing and she was good to go; it hadn’t lost any power over the last 16 years and had no problem getting its ticket. Good, strong and well built motorcycle… Lovely job!

Honda CBR400RR race bike Dyno set up

Posted November 21st, 2012 in Honda, Race Bikes.

The owner of this tidy Honda CBR400RR race bike – Joe – wanted us to set his bike up, so left it with us. We did an initial run on the Dyno to see what was what; luckily, not much was wrong, just minor fuelling changes (tweaks on the needles) and a slipping clutch to […]

Honda CB1000R Power Commander fit and setup

Posted October 29th, 2012 in ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander.

A rare (ish) sight, is the Honda CB1000R but we’ve seen a few of ’em through our doors over the last year or so for a Power Commander fit and setup on the Dyno. The long and the short of it is if you change the end-can, in the midrange (at small throttle openings/high rpm […]

Honda XL1000V Varadero suspension update plus Power Commander fit and setup

Posted October 15th, 2012 in ECU Remap, Honda, Power Commander.

This Honda Varadero is owned by one of our regular customers Clive, who’s being coming to us for many years from London. He had a BMW GS which was getting a little long in the tooth, so he went out and bought a Honda (he’s got a whole stable of ’em) big traillie as an […]

A Honda CB1300 owner’s thoughts…

Posted September 20th, 2012 in Honda, Owner's Words.

It’s nice to get some feedback. Good Morning Gill/Mark Apologies for not emailing sooner, had a week’s holiday this week so things were a bit hectic. Anyway – the CB1300 feels like a new bike. I rode home the day I picked it up from you and thought this is nice. The stutter I complained about at certain parts […]