It’s not just sports bikes that benefit from an ECU remap or Power Commander – cruisers and Triumph twins can see huge gains

Posted February 2nd, 2018 in News, ECU Remap, Bikes, Honda, News, Power Commander, Bikes, Triumph.

Percentage-wise the improvements that can be made to bikes like the Honda VT750 Shadow are much greater than those you see out of a sports bike. Why? Because generally these customs are properly bunged up by the manufacturer to get them through noise and emissions testing… So uncork ’em –  let the engine breathe freely – and […]

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Honda Africa Twin carb sort out – it may be old, but it’s still good! (now, anyway)

0 Comments Posted October 14th, 2016 in News, Carburettors, Bikes, Honda.

This Twinkie came in because it wasn’t running very well. Time had taken its toll and like many older bikes, its carburettors were knackered and needed a complete overhaul. We fitted new float needles and needle seats, plus gaskets. Problems like this bike had happen over time – as the throttle is shut on the […]

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2001 Honda VTR1000 carb set up – just the sort of job we enjoy!

0 Comments Posted August 29th, 2016 in News, Carburettors, Bikes, Honda.

From day one here at BSD we started setting up carburetors of the bikes of the time that had end-cans fitted, and so on. Most of what we do now is to the same effect it’s just via the ECU and a remap rather than a box full of jets. But occasionally now we get […]

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Honda CBR1000RR front brakes sorted out for extra track day confidence!

Posted May 9th, 2016 in News, Brembo, Bikes, Honda.

Now the owner of this CBR is a keen and enthusiastic track day goer, which in our book is a good thing. But (and we see this quite a lot) a lot of riders seem to be chasing their personal ‘ultimate’ lap time and often end up going slower by trying to go faster all […]

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Honda VFR800 Power Commander PC III fit and setup – an owner emails his thoughts…

Posted February 17th, 2016 in Bikes, Honda, News, Power Commander.

Andrew, the owner of this VFR800, phoned Gill looking for advice. He’d gone online and bought an ‘old’ Power Commander PC III serial port – we explained that the spacing on these was too great within the rpm sectors and to get a good result the later USB model was needed. He found a used […]

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Honda XL1000 Varadero Power Commander setup, with Performance and Economy maps

Posted October 23rd, 2015 in Bikes, Honda, News, Power Commander.

The owner of this Honda Varadero is a doctor from Norfolk. He bought his bike in for a fuelling setup via Power Commander (as we can’t ECU remap it at the moment) but didn’t realise we could give him to maps to use. He was happy at the news though so we gave him a ‘performance’ […]

1994 Honda FireBlade in need of a little TLC… and left us making 120 very usable bhp

Posted November 10th, 2014 in Bikes, Honda, News, Servicing.

The owner of this early Blade rode it in because it wasn’t running right. And all the stuttering and rough running was no surprise, as it was only firing on three cylinders. We took the carbs to bits and where it’d been stood on the side stand, leaning toward the left, the old fuel had […]

2008 Honda CBR1000RR Power Commander fit and setup

Posted January 16th, 2014 in Bikes, Honda, News, Power Commander.

This CBR is owned by a lad from Birmingham, and we’ve seen a few of his mate’s bikes over the years. It was absolutely immaculate but he was getting fed up with his pals riding off into the distance on their Hayabusas and the like so wanted it pepping up a little, as he didn’t […]

Honda VF750C Magna looking good!

0 Comments Posted October 21st, 2013 in Bikes, Honda, Uncategorized.

This 1997 Honda VF750C Magna was booked in by it’s owner, after fitting a set of Vance & Hines exhausts and K&N filter because it was lacking power at low revs, especially between 3-4000 rpm in the lower gears.  The bike was run on the dyno to see how the fuelling was, things were not good, […]

Honda CB1000R Power Commander PC V fit and Dyno setup

Posted October 17th, 2013 in News, ECU Remap, Bikes, Honda, News, Power Commander.

The owner of this CB1000R lives in London and brought his bike to us because he was struggling in heavy traffic with the on/off throttle behaviour – these can quite snatchy in their power delivery (not something you’d say often these days with a Honda) and this one was bad. We can’t remap Honda ECUs […]