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BSD Engineering Suzuki GSX-R1000K5 cylinder head skim as part of a rebuild/tune

0 Comments Posted March 26th, 2018 in BSD Engineering, Suzuki.

Here at BSD we build an awful lot of GSX-R engines. Mainly the injected ones, though we still work on carb’d versions now and again. With the later injected motors some remain in a bike chassis, but a lot are for racing cars. The rebuilds focus on cylinder head work. Depending on what condition the […]

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Suzuki GSX-R1000K5-K8 complete BSD Engineering heavy duty gearbox for engines used in cars

0 Comments Posted February 9th, 2018 in BSD Engineering, Heavy duty gearbox, Suzuki.

The reason we started to develop a gearbox specifically for GSX-R engines used in car chassis is that the choices – close ratio or standard – were obviously tailored to motorcycles. And because we got involved, quite early on, tuning GSX-R lumps for car use (track or road fun) it soon became obvious that the […]

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BSD Engineering Ducati 1098/1198 triple clamps to reduce fork offset and tidy up the steering on corner exit

0 Comments Posted January 8th, 2018 in BSD Engineering, Ducati.

These rather fetchingly manufactured BSD Engineering triple clamps hark back to our days racing Ducati’s 1098. We did quite a lot of engine and chassis development back then, and produced these to reduce the fork offset. An innate problem with the bike is running wide out of corners and reducing the offset (and thus trail) tidies […]

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BSD Engineering RD500LC water pump gear – Yamaha don’t make ‘em any more in Japan, but we do here in Peterborough!

0 Comments Posted December 26th, 2017 in BSD Engineering, Water pump gear.

RD500LCs are something special – and now very rare. Spares support from Yamaha is patchy and – while it’s a small piece – the water pump gear is a vital part of the engine, and mostly unobtainable. Which is why BSD Engineering produce them. This is reverse engineering or, re-manaufacturing of an existing part. So we […]

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Ducati 1098/1198 complete BSD Engineering gearbox – built tough to survive the use of a quickshifter on the road!

2 Comments Posted December 14th, 2016 in Ducati, BSD Engineering, Heavy duty gearbox.

We decided to manufacture our own gearbox for the 1098/1198 because as stock they’ve proven quite weak. In short, they chew their dogs off! Which means they jump out of gear. A lot of bikes we’ve seen have used a factory-fit quickshifter; the trouble here is that errors can be made on upshifts on the […]

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BSD Engineering raw aluminium cylinder head castings ready for machining…

0 Comments Posted August 5th, 2016 in BSD Engineering, Cylinder head castings.

These are raw cylinder head castings that come into BSD Engineering to be machined into usable items. The first operation is the manual milling machine; this takes off the excess flashes (they’re actually cast a little bigger in size, and various methods are then used to shrink them) as there’s always surplus material to deal with. […]