2014 Kawasaki ZZR1400 ECU remap – ridden to Peterborough all the way from Scotland!

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We do like the ZZR1400. And we’ve ECU remapped a lot of ‘em. The really good thing about the ZZR is it starts out phenomenal out of the box – so you may well ask why bother? Until, that is you ride a stocker back to back with one we’ve worked on.

The engine becomes this linear pile driver, almost electric in its delivery and it starts from zero rpm and carries on all the way to the redline…

The owner of this one had found his way to us via our website, and rode down all the way from north of the border to get his bike remapped. He stayed overnight, and as we have a Travelodge just 300m from our workshop door he booked a cheap hotel room and enjoyed a night out in Eye. He then rode off the next morning on his transformed ZZR. Perfect!

All the way from Scotland for the BSD ECU remap...

All the way from Scotland for the BSD ECU remap…

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