2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA ECU remap – 98 to 112bhp with a solid top-end power delivery

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The GSX1250FA arrives a very restricted motorcycle – it’s a one market model so its power is managed down to suit the lowest regional restrictions and left at that.

Having said all that (and much like the old 1200 Bandit) when its engine is unleashed via the ECU and an end-can there’s a genuine extra 10-12bhp available.

The remap also removes the wheezy, gasping delivery at the top-end of the power curve as we open out the restricted movement of the secondary butterflies and then compensate for the extra airflow in the fuelling tables. We also make adjustments in the ignition tables allowing the engine to rev.

And remember this is a big, unstressed motor. It’ll start out stock with about 98bhp and leave here (with a can and ECU remap) with about 112bhp. But for anybody interested there’s an awful lot more in there to come if we delve a bit deeper…!

That's a big engine bunged up – unleash it with an end-can and ECU remap...

That’s a big engine bunged up – unleash it with an end-can and ECU remap…

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