2007 Moto Morini 1200 Corsaro ECU remap to cure poor running and an unhappy owner

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The owner of this stock Moto Morini Corsaro was really upset when he came in – his bike had issues! It wasn’t running correctly in any shape or form… Now where this machine’s come from, and its history, we simply don’t know but as they’re a bit of a rare groove (we’ve done one or two over the years, and they’ve been generally a mess) we figured we could do something with it via an ECU remap.

The poor ol’ thing hand been carted around every dealer under the sun in an attempt to sort it out; all had failed. We decided to start with the basics – make sure the throttles are connected properly, ensure the valve clearances are ok (they tend to go very tight) and just generally had a good look round before we started the remap.

And the power came up, not where we thought it would go but better than it was. Now maybe it’s a restricted model, we just don’t know, but with just over 85bhp at the rear wheel it’s well short of where it should be, and on par with bikes we’ve done previously (130-ish bhp). The fuel map we built compensated for its issues, but we were still 45 horses short…

We don't know this Morini's history, but it's somewhat lacking in the trouser department...

We don’t know this Morini’s history, but it’s somewhat lacking in the trouser department…

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